Open Sign Films
Distribution… Reimagined

We don’t like your film/show sitting on a shelf (digital or otherwise) as much as you don’t. We understand the need of having your project out there to the world. But we also understand the cruelty and outright lies of traditional distribution companies. We know because it’s happened to us. And our goal is for it to never happen again. Welcome to Open Sign Films.

Open Sign Films (OSF) offers a fair and transparent distribution outlet to all filmmakers and companies that seek to have their film(s) distributed.  We distribute features, shorts, documentaries, web series and television series. Ranging from DVD to VOD, premiers to convention sales, OSF offers what your project needs.

Services Provided

DVDs & Blu-rays

  • OSF will create DVDs/Blu-rays through our service which includes high-quality box art and disc art, with wrap & custom SKUs.
  • Includes:
    • Artwork/cover-art can be provided if needed. All art will be presented to the filmmaker for guidance. No art will be approved without filmmakers consent. 
    • Any special features (Behind the Scenes, Bloopers, Trailers, etc.) will be added to the DVD/Blu-ray if provided by the filmmaker.
    • OSF is currently in the process of putting DVDs/Blu-rays into Retail & Brick & Mortar stores across the country.
    • All DVDs will be available for sale on Open Sign e-store, Facebook shop, (Prime) and other online sale sites.



  • VOD (Video on Demand) Streaming creation and distribution. Streaming will be available on Prime Video, Steam, Vimeo on Demand, Pantaflix, Streamlette, Udu and VHX.
    • Artwork/cover-art can be provided if needed. All art will be presented to the filmmaker for guidance. No art will be approved without filmmakers consent. 
    • Special features available on certain outlets.
    • Many services will include not only US streaming but also UK, Germany, Japan, France, Russia and more.
  • Films will be pitched to Indieflix, Fandor, Fandango Now, iTunes, Google Play Store, Popcornflix, Screambox and various other curated services (depending on genre). There is no guarantee of a title being picked up, as it is determined by those services.
    • OSF is continuing to bring on new services for your film to be distributed on.
  • After initial distribution, if a film brings in high sales (which all sales are transparent to you, the filmmaker), the film can be released on more outlets. OSF will reinvest our own profits to do so. 
    • Those additional outlets will most likely include iTunes, Google Play Store, Fandango Now, Vudu, Sony, Xbox and Tubi TV. Will also be pitched to Netflix and Hulu.
    • Those additional outlets may increase to PPV (Pay Per View) which includes Comcast Xfinity, DirectTV and Dish.



  • OSF attends numerous conventions over the year including Days of the Dead and Horror Hound. At our own booth, we will sell your film (DVDs & Blu-rays) which tens of thousands of people every day will have access to purchase it. 


Closed Captions

  • Closed Captions and Subtitles can be created if needed by OSF. 
    • We believe this should be provided by the Distributor – free!


  • OSF will create and upload IMDb credits if needed, including the creation of the title and every single credit. This will also link to the Prime Video & DVD pages.


  • OSF will order and promote merchandise that includes but not limited to T-Shirts, Posters and Buttons. OSF will work closely with the filmmaker to come up with designs and ideas for the merchandise that will be available for sale online and at conventions.

Fair and Transparent. That’s what Open Sign Films is all about. Hollywood is in decline and distributors refuse to change their ways. Independent artist deserve better. A film revolution is on the rise and we want your film to be there when it happens. 

There’s more details that you’re needing, we know. So let’s talk! Please click on the button below to fill out a form. We’d love to discuss the distribution of your film, it’s time for it to stop collecting dust (digital dust too).