A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex – DVD


NOW ON DVD is the horror found footage film A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex;   the newest movie from director József Gallai and winner at multiple film festivals including the Southern Sykos Horror Film Festival, the Oregon Film Awards, the The International Indie Gathering, and the Spotlight Horror Film Awards!

With the intention of documenting every important detail; a disturbed and lonely man plans to kill his ex-girlfriend within 72 hours only to realize it won’t be as easy as he previously imagined.

“Guidebook” is a feature length found footage themed movie that chronicles descent into madness and offers a blistering critique on internet sharing culture. A winner of multiple awards; this is not a movie you want to miss out on.

Directed by József Gallai

Produced by Elekes Pictures and Rovar Pictures
Distributed by Open Sign Films

Facebook: facebook.com/killingyourex

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