Disconnected – DVD & Blu-ray (Pre-Orders)

We’re happy to announce that pre-orders are now LIVE for DVDs & Blu-rays for the first season of Disconnected!

Disconnected, the newest Open Sign original series, follows the life of Aspen Nix, a 25 year old millennial living in a small suburban city, who struggles to find her place in life.

Coming 2019


Starring: Natalie Valerio, Allie Ochs, Lucas Strack, Gabrielle Bousum, Kayla Sherer, Stephanie Pugh and Blair Brown

Created & Written by: Kiowa Ackley
Produced by: J.R.S. Storch
In Association With: Cam Clark & Ryan Woebbeking

Produced by Open Sign Entertainment

The Sentinel Chronicles – Now Available!


Watch Chapter 1 of The Sentinel Chronicles​ on Prime Video​ & Steam!

The world we knew is gone, destroyed by human hatred. It has become a wasteland, soaked with the blood of both the innocent and the corrupt. In the hopes of restoring that world, one company created perfect soldiers from the DNA of the fallen – the Sentinels. Now, neither God nor Science can hold back the tide that is bound to come of unleashing them. This is the future. There is no salvation.

Prime Video Steam

Produced by UMN, Micro-Studios
Distributed by Open Sign Films