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Deep within the reaches of The Facility is a video footage archive obtained by Agents from incidents involving the strange and unusual. Found Footage chronicles one of these secret videos in each episode.*

Watch the first 3 episodes below or click a link above to access more video evidence as it becomes available. If you have your own evidence you wish to submit and be released as an episode for Found Footage please click the Submit Evidence link.


VIDEO ID: found_footage_0442
DATE: 10.14.2014
The discovery of an abandoned corpse by a group of teenagers on a dark road has unforeseen consequences. Possible disorientation may occur due to phone recording device being improperly held in the vertical position.


VIDEO ID: found_footage_0439
DATE: 03.28.2016
Amateur documentary film crew stumbles upon a Secure Containment site. Footage was originally live streamed via a Social Networking website and was captured using the Tracing Protocol. 


VIDEO ID: found_footage_0452
DATE: 07.13.2016
While under the influence of an experimental (yet fundamentally ineffective) mycelium strain; two boys engage in questionable youth activity upon the sighting of a biological specimen which appears to be from a divergent species of the genus Homo. 

*All events portrayed in the series are entirely fictional and a part of Open Sign’s expanded universe involving The Facility.