Open Sign Entertainment is made up of over 20 individuals, creating content spanning multiple genres across the film spectrum. Founded by three friends, Open Sign’s mission is to re-imagine the film industry and what it means to work in the independent market. Those who work with Open Sign are not employees, but members of our family.

(Cast & Crew of “The Stray”, produced by Open Sign Productions)

(Founders Ryan Bozell, Kenton Ley and Michael Storch)

Over the recent years, Open Sign Entertainment has produced & distributed over five Feature Films, two TV-series, 30+ Short Films, multiple celebrity interviews, along with sponsoring numerous events, working with local communities to spread filmmaking and have now transformed into a full fledged Studio house. Recently, Open Sign has release its newly formed streaming service coined OSTV (Open Sign TV). With multiple avenues of distribution and product marketing, Open Sign is at the forefront of the film & TV industry.