Hello 2018, this is the year everything changes.

In the last 5 years Open Sign has produced 4 feature films, 2 web-series with over 30 episodes between them, countless short films, have engaged with the local and statewide community to foster growth, and have created many memories for ourselves and our fans. But with 2017 behind us, we’re happy to announce some major changes to Open Sign.

For starters, we’re excited to announce the rebranding of our name to Open Sign Entertainment. We’re much more than just a production company and so our name should reflect that. Don’t fret though, Open Sign Productions still exists as our main production house and is still making the highest quality films and shows. Keep checking this page and other Open Sign hubs to see the status of our current projects!

We are also happy to announce the creation of Open Sign Films (OSF), our brand new distribution outlet. For years, Independent filmmakers have had to sludge through the painful process of finding distribution and mostly always ending up getting a bad deal, if any at all. Not anymore. We’ve worked hard to develop a new distribution system where all filmmakers and production companies are treated fairly and with complete transparency and honesty. With OSF, filmmakers across the country can finally let their films be watched by thousands (and make money for once). So we’re calling all filmmakers! If you have a movie you’ve made and are interested in distribution please head over to our website for more information.

Everyone loves TV. And so do we. That’s why we’re announcing a new project by Open Sign Productions titled “Disconnected”. We aren’t saying much about this new project but it will be a full length TV-Series produced and distributed by Open Sign. More information regarding our new TV show will be coming in the Spring!

Along with those announcements, Open Sign now has an official studio space in Downtown Fort Wayne. And the latest project by Open Sign Productions, “SCHISM” by the Storch Brothers, is in post-production and slated for release in 2018.

Our hearts still ache for the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Austin Gray. He was immensely missed in 2017 and will surely be in 2018. Our success is his success.

A film revolution is on the horizon. Hollywood is dying and the gears that run the west is ran by those who don’t understand it. Open Sign is here to change how films are thought of, produced, distributed and loved. We hope everyone, filmmakers and audiences alike, join us in this new revolution of the film industry.

Open Sign Entertainment is here to change the game. Join us.

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