Open Sign Films – The New Kind of Studio

Have a film that needs Distribution? Look no further!

Open Sign Inc. has begun creating it’s very own Distribution process through Open Sign Films. From DVD to VoD, we have a system that is designed to benefit you and your film. If you’d like to hear more and see what we could do together, please contact us below with a link to your film! We look forward to working with you. See below to view some of our current partners.


Not to the Distribution process yet? Need help producing your film? We cover that too!

Studio Partner: With over six years of experience in the art of films, Open Sign has produced four feature films (with more on the way) along with over 30 shorts. We’ve created a studio system to create the best content at the fastest speeds. If you have a film stuck in the dark place of pre-production and not sure how to start filming or you just need some general help, Open Sign is here. We’d love to partner with you to help produce your film! The level of help solely depends on you, whether it comes to crew, equipment, financing, organization, etc., we’re here to see your film made! Afterwards, our distribution outlet can be used so you never have to worry about your film collecting dust! Just click on the button below to fill out the form! We look forward to hearing from you!