Open Sign Entertainment, Inc. – in association with Open Sign Productions and Open Sign Films – is made up of over 20 individuals, creating content spanning multiple genres across the film spectrum. Founded by three friends, Open Sign’s mission is to reimagine the film industry and what it means to work in the independent market. Those who work with Open Sign are not employees, but members of our family. 

(Cast & Crew of “The Stray”, produced by Open Sign Productions)

Open Sign was founded by three friends, Michael Storch, Ryan Bozell and Kenton Ley. Early work (“The Robbery”, “The Image”, “Exceptions”, etc.) can still be found in Open Sign’s archive on YouTube.

(Ryan Bozell, Kenton Ley, Michael Storch)

Since those early years, Open Sign Productions (now Incorporated) has produced over Four Feature Films, 30+ Short Films, multiple celebrity interviews, along with sponsoring numerous events, working with local communities to spread filmmaking and have now transformed into a fully fledge Studio house. The future of Independent Filmmaking is now being rewritten and Open Sign is at the forefront.


Michael Storch CEO / Founder

Michael is the President & CEO of Open Sign. As one of the original Founders; he has and continues to be the driving force behind Open Sign’s increasingly ambitious projects and plans. Along with being head of the company; Michael has also directed two feature films. “Phantom of the Woods” was both his and Open Sign’s debut full length feature, and he is the director behind Open Sign’s upcoming film “SCHISM”, which is slated for release late 2017.  He has also directed and produced dozens of short films throughout the years and oversees all projects produced by Open Sign; big and small.  Michael is a passionate, perfectionist director; pushing not only himself, but the entire company to release the highest quality of content possible.

J.R.S. Storch COO

J.R.S. Storch has held the Chief Operations Officer position for many years now due to his exceptional organizational skills and dedication towards bringing only the very best work to fruition. The right hand of the company; J.R.S. is the lead producer on almost every project from Open Sign and is also the main editor in the company. He has a significant hand in crafting company strategy, and coordinates with other members of Open Sign to make sure everyone is operating in sync with each other and as efficiently as possible. He spends his time not only making sure projects are put out in a timely manner, but engages with his fellow directors, writers, and producers of Open Sign and beyond to help bring their filmmaking dreams to life.


Cam Clark Senior Vice President

Cam Clark is the Senior Vice President of Open Sign and has been with the company for many years and early on, it was obvious that his passion for the art of filmmaking would benefit the company immensely. Originally an actor, Cam has risen up to not only director a feature (“The Stray”) but also to become the public image of Open Sign, becoming the Senior Vice President. Cam can be found on film sets, working with actors due to his immense knowledge of acting and while off set, writing scripts and making valuable contacts with the film community.



Ryan Bozell Lead Composer / Founder

Ryan Bozell was also there from the beginning, being one of the three founders of Open Sign. Since then, Ryan has shown himself to be one of the very best composers that the company could ask for. His love of music and musical scores is only surpassed by his skillful talent of composing original work. Ryan has composed music for titles such as “Phantom of the Woods”, “The Stray” and “Schism”. His dark, ambient sounds make audiences shiver as they watch a scene progress. His musical talent is truly unique.



Ryan Woebbeking Lead Cinematographer

Ryan Woebbeking is a master of the camera. Having been with the company for many years, Ryan has been the man behind the camera on almost every project that Open Sign has produced. When watching a film that Ryan was Director of Photography, it is a pleasure to see the smooth yet intense camera work. While he’s normally always behind the camera, he has been in front of it numerous times. Ryan played a supporting role in the film “The Stray” along with starring in “Made Guys”. His acting ability has been praised by many and so, his talents lie behind and in front of the camera, the object that he is the master.